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StellaGale is a 2D single-player arena battle game. Help Stella and Gale find out what happened to their parents in a uniquely beautiful, hand-drawn world. With combat both accessible and deep, find the right fit among dozens of weapon combinations, and reunite a family.

Once in a lifetime, an opportunity appears that nobody can turn away from. For the warriors across the lands, this came in the form of an offer from The Prince; let us have a massive gladiatorial battle, and the winner may ask for anything they wish. And they will get it. Brigands, thieves, generals, swordsmen, rogues, and soldiers all heard the call and headed to the arena. Riches and fame awaited them.

For one young woman and her brother, fame and riches did not matter. Years before, Stella and her brother Gale were abandoned suddenly as their parents vanished. Growing up on the streets and lost, Stella grew skilled in a fight and her brother handy with a forge. They decided Stella had to enter with a most unusual wish - to have their parents returned to them. If The Prince is even capable of such a thing.

Multi-faceted characters with heart, depth, and drives you'll have to play to discover.

The storyline will take us to incredible highs and tearful lows, with gameplay anyone can jump into and learn.

Multiple types of weapons with multiple types of add-ons means an incredible number of options to take out the equally diverse warriors trying to get their own wish brought to life!

Skill & Inventory System

Carefully choose where Gale spends his effort - these weapons are the only ones Stella will have to battle in the Arena each round.

As if the greatest warriors in the kingdom weren't enough, the Arena is filled with traps and dangers just waiting for Stella to drop her guard!

Even the best warriors can't just jump from battle to battle and hope to win - we have multiple modes of practice, success, and challenges that will make you a true champion!

StellaGale: The Trials Of Faith is now available on Steam! Please wishlist and follow the game, it means a lot for us! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1538710/StellaGale_The_Trials_Of_Faith/

Extra Life Entertainment Team

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Updated 15 hours ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorExtra Life Entertainment
GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsAction RPG, Painting, Singleplayer, Steampunk, Story Rich, Unity


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Sick art! keep it going!


Thank you very much!

I just came across this game and it caught my eye! I really love the 2d art style and the characters are quite lovable and fun! I like how simple the story is and connecting it to the gameplay was really smart. I do love the combat with the variety of weapons that each have different status and stats. You can also weapon cancel and skill cancel in the game! I really enjoyed the demo and am really hopeful for the development to go smoothly till release!

Thanks! We are still working on new stuffs that will enhance the gameplay experience, so please keep supporting us! :D

Well constructed vision, keep up the positive spirit!

Show post...

so sweet


Great art! This game needs more attention!

Thank you! Please share it to your friends! :D


I love the art style and the designs! Looking forward to the full release/future updates!


love the art but controls are confusing? can i fight with the keyboard or do i have to use the mouse?

hello! sorry for the late reply
yes, you can only use the mouse at the moment. but we're considering button configuration option. thank you!