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Slash every obstacle the Colosseum has to offer and unveil the mystery of your father darkest secret

A decade has passed and a glimmer of hope revealed a clue about her father's whereabouts. Stella, a young mechanic and assisted by her spirit-brother Gale, must become the strongest Gladiator in the most brutal Colosseum tournament to uncover the mystery of their long-lost father. Together, they delve into a world they've never seen before, a world that their father kept hidden from them.

Experience a world inspired by the industrial revolution, the Roman Empire, and steampunk. Meet and face various Gladiators who are fighting for their calling. Help people around you who are struggling in life. Most importantly, train, fight, and win every battle to become the strongest Gladiator in this hand-drawn Hack-n-Slash RPG game.


From the dust produced in the arena to the battle between you and your enemies and even the euphoria of the crowd that watching you, everything is meticulously crafted with hand-drawn animations to bring the world of StellaGale to life.


The sweat that drips onto your sword, the tears shed by those who stand by you, and the joy of uncovering the purpose of your journey. All these emotions will engulf you as you play.


Gale will provide you guidance as you navigate the skills and Xtreme mechanics. Use these mechanics to execute, charge, or store your skills for more powerful attacks. This mechanics system will be easy to control and intuitive to use. 


Look at your surroundings! Traps, barrel, items, and spectator. You can use your surroundings to your advantage to create an exciting combat experience.

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love the game, everything is really good, just a bit confusing and i see a lot of people gettint stuck at the beggining, besides that it's a lovely game !

Aw thank you for playing the game :)

I think many people stuck because we don't add tutorial when entering the city. We will add the tutorial and update the demo soon. Hope everyone can patiently wait for our next update, cheers :)

There's a lot to like here; the art is lovely, the world looks interesting and promising, the story has a lot of teasers of things I normally like. However the translation is not the best and breaks immersion, and the current demo ends.. ambiguously? or is bugged and I couldn't figure it out. If the game is only coliseum combat, it's going to feel a little tedious based on the current gameplay. If there's other features, I'd have liked to see them in the demo.


Hi thank you for playing our game :)

sorry for the later reply, in the video you're trying to go to the lafka's tales using stair and to be able to use stair you can use diagonal analog button or if you use keyboard you can use the combination of A and W. We are planning to add tutorial in the near future so i hope you can play the game more comfortable.

For your curiosity we have more feature in the game that you can try when it's release so hopefully we can release the game soon :)

I like the artstyle and am about to download the demo.  Steam Wishlist added!


Wow! thank you so much for wishlisted our game! Currently we're iterating and adding more content to our game, so hopefully we can update our demo soon :) 

sorr<, i jsut cant do the shitty ultimate
first off fatty stops me 80% of the time.
and when i do it, it spear thrusts forwards 3 times, with like a 1 second delay in between.

which doesnt do shit top him.
the damn explanation image doesnt disappear either.

do i need to hold up all the way through?
or only together with the first q press?

and have to gun-hzit-hit-hit-roll dodge like 5 times to fill it up again for the next try...

the explanation image will disappear when you successfully perform the skill. So, i think, for you to be able to successfully perform the ultimate you can prepare it by standing a bit far from the enemy, because the ultimate move will charge forward.

Anyway, thank you for playing our game, we will always improve the game so everyone can enjoy it:)  

Played the Prologue demo of this game, I'd say I love the presentation of the game! The storybook-like story presentations has a lot of lores there. 

The gameplay is interesting too. It's quite tight, so we can strategize our move a bit more! There seems to be some lags between entering control inputs though, but maybe that's just the bug on this alpha demo!

The music and sound division is awesome, it is good upbeat music for the fighting scene, and good feels music on story time. 

All in all, it's really a nice game. Will wait for more of the updates in Steam Fest February 2024! Thanks for this game, devs!

Hello thankyou for playing our game :D
The new demo for steam next fest is out now...so you can play the latest demo.

Hope you like it :)

Art is beautiful and the gameplay is fun, there just needs to be a good pass for bugs. Playing the new version, I couldn’t use any items, the aforementioned background thing didn’t load proper, weird loading with text boxes…

But seriously, this is shaping up to be a great game.


Hello! Thank you for your feedback.

Many bugs are expected in the newest build, because it's only for testing one feature only. Please stay tuned for future updates!

Are there plans for more translations?

The game looks good but are there any plans for more translations? Maybe into Spanish?
Un cordial saludo!


Hi! Thanks for the comment. 

Currently working on English version... But we are open to other languages if there's enough people demand it! :D


The art style is cool and colorful. Way too colorful that makes it hard for my eyes to follow the characters movement in some places. I like the story, gameplay is fun and music god. (1110)

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In my opinion it's a good game that has an interesting story, the characters, and the background are also nice to look at. For cool skills and lots of combos that can be used. there is still a bug in the background and the text box. The song section is in the lobby and the fighting sections.

At first I was a bit nervous about the game genre and its difficulty as I'm not usually a fan of single-player arena battle game (nor am I very good at it). But to my pleasant surprise, it wasn't as daunting as I'd thought it'd be, and it actually ended up giving me a very memorable gameplay experience.

The World and Gameplay
I really like how the story was started with a little bit of world/place setting being introduce to us player, with some mysterious and somehow quite sad flashback from the MC. But the I feel quite nervous when the game changed to "yea lets go! we fight!". If I'm allowed to be honest, the keybinds that were use in this game was very new to me.  I need quite some time to adjust myself with the new movement, but as I get quite a hang of it IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Especially on the Last Prologue fight, hehe random skill spam was nice. I also really like the objective message on top right of the screen, It really help player to know what needed to be done. 

The Graphic and Audio
I really like the art, animation, and how the BGM was portrayed to the game. Everything feel like it was a match, each element support one and the other part of the game. Resulting in a very impactful ambiance for the player to feel.

Con and Ending Thought

I have to say overall this game was giving a pleasant and memorable gameplay experience, but as it still in development stages, there are quite some bug/glitches to be found :
- When playing the full prologue I was stuck in mini-boss winning illustration scene
- It's really difficult for me to move to the stair on Prologue 2, I have to spam W and D key repeatedly hoping I can somewhat go up
- The stair to go to town in Prologue 2 kinda cover up the MC body
-  Camera thingy. I don't really know how to explain this well but if my character was in the very left or right corner, the camera kinda auto zoom a little bit so the stage kinda get cut off and I can't really see what happening 
- Sometime the rat enemy doesn't have HP on Prologue 1, resulting I need to restart the chapter again
- Sometime the enemy didn't show up on the final Prologue 3 fight scene, also resulting to restart the chapter again

Suffice to say, I'm super excited to play the final game. 
Owh, and if I can try to guess I think my lecturer made the first BGM for the main title screen and the final story on Last Prologue.

The first time I played this game, I was quite confused because the controls used were different from games in general. For example, usually, the "SPACE" keypad is used to jump, but in this game, the control used to jump is "W". I can pass prologue 1 easily, but when entering prologue 2, I'm a bit stuck and I found there is a bug.

This game has an interesting storyline. Other than that, the game art of this game is also very unique and cool. The audio is also very supportive, especially when entering combat mode.

In my personal opinion, the whole of this game is quite positive. However, there are a few things I don't like. For example, the game can't save progress automatically. Besides that, I can't exit the game when I'm already in the Prologue also the game controls are still lacking.  


For me this game is very interesting in terms of visuals and gameplay even though I had a bit of difficulty in controlling it. Apart from that the story presented is very interesting and has a battle system that is quite simple but good.


- very interesting storyline

- a simple but fun combat system

- Character design and use of colors that are very suitable

- has a backsound that is pleasant to hear


- there is a bug in prologue 2

-controls that are still confusing between the W and Space keys

- There is a line contained in the dialog box which is rather annoying

As for suggestions to add Indonesian to make it easier to understand the story. (1137)

My experience

For people who don't like story and rpg, this game is preety boring. But somehow i'm sleepy or or why am i bored in the middle of game


1. From graphic and music are good and match

2. The character are interesting

3. Can pause in the game

4. Easy control


1. For those who don't like rpg and story games, this game is pretty boring

I think the song of JPSoundwork made at the beginning of the story and during the battle

way too much dialogue, and it take sages for the next dialog to appear, even if you spam space nonestop.

oh and then the game is likeback on the game world (so no cutscreen screen) her saying "yep, let's go to XY".
i press space to close the dialog box.
i try to move. shit happens.
i keep mashing buttons.
did the game break?

no,a fter like 10 seconds, the chick decides that she suddenly jsut wants to say something else.
goes she had a stroke in between and therefor made me think she was done and I was in control again.

no, guess we were still talking, just no dialog box and no indication that after 10 secnds new dialog would appear again.

stuff lie dialogue, cutscenes and stuff is jsut so dragged out...

i should jsut have some auto clicker spam space and check every 2 minutes if game reacts to controls again...
so i may play the game.

and no, this is not about rpgs and all.
loveplaying rpgs.

but we are either watching a boring cutscene (which one can usually skip with esc or such, in any game ever).
or we are fighting and maving.

but here, 99%of the time, youa rent too sure about either.
or you may jsut be standing in front of an invisible wall cause the game railroads you to take that specific path upand down the stairs.

the game is pretty good to play, maybe it can be tidied up a bit, there are some things that are missing like translucent pictures, overall to play it is very easy, but I have to get used to the controller a little bit, the graphics can be improved again, maybe in the future this can change costumes, weapons and maybe also can change gear. this game is already fun enough in the future, hope to have an update that can further increase the intensity of playing this game


overall 7.8/10 

gameplay is fun and enjoyable, it remind me with elsword. but in some part still need to be polish. gameplay core when you reload the gun can be fixed with other mechanic to make it easier. hitbox still buggy sometime and ai for enemy still buggy. and the game tend to freeze a lot.

for the animation still a little bit stiff. 

for soun design, i think its still lacking of effect and everithing feels kinda quiet (when walking around the city or beach, need more sound effect) so its feels not that alive.

also layering for environment. there's still a lot of clipping.

the story itself was pretty simple following the theme of family and 'zero to hero' trope. ain't that complicated so its enjoyable to follow.

 i would like to suggest custom button setting.

for the artwork, i personally love the art style cuz it remind me with gibli movie. but there's some assets that appear to be blurry in game. 

and maybe for mission ui. maybe could be moved to under the hp bar cuz player tend to glare there more than upper right corner

  1. kuumoToday at 9:06 PM


The first thing i notice is the artstyle, i really like the artstyle of this game. the battle mechanic is perfect i really like it. the music and the style of the game really good. found some bug after battled the first boss there is no text just cutscene and i cant progress any further.


Artstyle 10/10

Story 10/10

Gameplay 10/10 

Music is really hit the spot 10/10


When there is a bubble text we need to click on the bubble to next the dialog and that kinda bother me

some bug like text not appeard and there is background overlaping the character

Very unique game!

This is a great experience for me because I feel a game with beautiful graphics. In terms of attack, it is very elegant and not rigid. Recommended to play!


- Many attack techniques

- Many types of enemies

- Has unique obstacles

- Cool in-game characters 


- There is still a bug in the game, while on the beach heading to the shop "head is cut off by shop writing"

- Enemies that take too long to defeat and a lot of enemy damage

- The many types of attacks result in the many controls needed in this game



First of all, when I played this game, the graphics were gorgeous, even though there are some bugs, especially in prologue 2 and in prologue 2 I was a little bit confused about what should I do next, because there is no guide on where I needed to go, And it had a bit of confusing control, but I think people will learn it quickly.

Pros: The graphics were beautiful and the background music is really good when the battle theme song comes it makes the atmosphere match the battle scene. Combat is really interesting too, in the beginning, it was difficult because of the control it’s a little bit complicated, but when you use it too it becomes really interesting.

Cons: Some artwork is still buggy, you can see it in prologue 2 the stairs were in front of everything even the wind. And the hitbox is kinda buggy, especially the trap.

Extra: I guess the battle scene music was made by JP Soundworks


“What a beautiful art style!” might be the sentence that best describes my first impression of this game. I’m not a big fan of battle games, but this one is enjoyable, thanks to the great graphics. The colors and every single detail of the characters, objects, and settings, including the animation make a nice visual. Also, the audio aspect such as background music and sound effects suits all of the scenes very well. The combination of both audio and visual gave me a very good experience while playing the game. 

As for the storyline, I think it’s also very interesting. Knowing that StellaGale is an arena battle game, I immediately thought that the storyline would be full of combat. But it turns out a little different from what I imagined it to be. I love how the players can feel not only the tension from the battle scene but also the warmth of family from Stella and Gale’s interaction.

The only problem is that the control is quite confusing, there are so many buttons that the players need to use, and even now I still not get used to it. Sometimes I miss-pressed the button and forgot a few functions while playing. But the button guide was actually quite helpful. Also, there's a part where the MC and background overlapped. Despite all of that, overall it was a good experience playing this game!

P.S.= Was the BGM for the battle scene made by JP Soundworks? ^^

Love this game!

been playing this game for some mins and it's really enjoyable to play,  the art style and the music are incredible!


The art style and the music of this game are incredibly awesome, also the character animation and sound effect are incredible too


few background on this game have a bug  and i found a little line in middle of a dialogue box it's kinda annoyed me


i love the character design, and i personally like the overall graphics. the colour pallete is unique and the world building is quite interesting. the storyline also give some colours in this game. however, there's some confusing part in this game such as the movement control. but that's okay, i just need to play the game a little bit longer untill i get used to it. this game is worth playing, and i'm waiting for the future improvement from this game. 

- 1101

It was such a fun game! I truly enjoyed my time playing it. I considered myself not so good at action game but I managed to survive since spam clicking worked to attack the enemies XD 

I immediately fell in love with the art style. It was so unique and memorable. Story wise, it has a simple concept yet is so well executed. Within minutes, I was already into the story. It had such a beautiful BGM as well, which I found pretty suitable for each scenario at the same time. I also like that the tutorial was given one by one, which won't overwhelm the player and will help them to memorize the buttons easier. 

However, I think the buttons for skills etc. were a bit too many which was not convenient. The button combo choice was kind of uncomfortable as well. During the time I played it, I found that it was easier for me to just spam left-click and using the Q to defeat the enemies, which to be honest almost made me forget that I had another weapon to choose and also some skills to use. Also, I suggest that the dialogue can be proceed when clicking left click as well since I found it inconvenient to go back and forth between pressing enter and using the mouse. 

I also personally prefer if there was a checkpoint after finishing the waves. An option to skip an already played dialogue would also be great as well. Last but not least, I think the potion was way too easy to obtain. I had around 70 left when I finished the game. It made me more reckless during the fight since potion was not a sacred material and I really suggest that the player was given a limit to how many items they had in their inventory or at least just make the potions more rare to obtain.

It was an amazing game. It was something that I would consider to buy. I would recommend this game to those who like to play an action game with an interesting storyline. I'm excited for the full release, keep up the great work!


When I first saw this game, the interesting thing was that the art style of this game was very unique and good.  The game animations are very smooth and good.  The overall story concept is very unique and fun to play.

But it's a pity, the function keys are used too much and it's confusing, especially when fighting.

Then in prologue 2 there are no instructions for what to do or where to go, then there is a game background that covers Stella's head so that it closes.

I hope this game can develop for the better in the future. \(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)/

I got this experience as a lay player. So this battle game has an interesting story development, like the title "The Trials of Faith". This game is very fun, but the problem when playing is i found a bug. So that makes the gameplay uncomfortable. However, it must be admitted that the proportional picture and sound make this game quite classy. Of course this game has great potential.

- Very charming artwork
- Exciting backsound
- Interisting story concept

- Weird movement control
- No difficult option

Good game and has interesting colors, in terms of graphics it looks like cartoon rick & morty, the controls are a bit confusing. There are still bugs in this game, hopefully in the future this game will get even better.

Pros: awesome graphics, cool sound, story and character, fun.

Cons: bug level, bug artwork, bug in the wall layer.

1 word for this game is amazing. I really like the graphics of this game that makes me feel like I'm in a cartoon. Fun and exciting gameplay adds to the fun of playing. Even though some of the gameplay is sometimes confusing, after trying it again it turns out it's not so bad. Overall this game is worth trying. There are only a few bugs in the game that can definitely be fixed. Very cool, keep it up. [1091]
(1 edit)

Stella Gale The Trials Of Faith Review

---{ Graphics }---

☐ You forget what reality is

☐ Beautiful

☑ Good

☐ Decent

☐ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


---{ Gameplay }---

☐ Very good

☑ Good

☐ It's just gameplay

☐ Mehh

☐ Watch paint dry instead

☐ Just don't

---{ Audio }---

☐ Eargasm

☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad

☐ I'm now deaf

---{ Audience }---

☑ Kids

☐ Teens

☐ Adults

☐ Grandma

---{ PC Requirements }---

☐ Check if you can run paint

☐ Potato

☑ Decent

☐ Fast

☐ Rich boi

☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

---{ Difficulty }---

☐ Just press 'W'

☐ Easy

☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Significant brain usage

☐ Difficult

☐ Dark Souls

---{ Grind }---

☑ Nothing to grind

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn't necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ You'll need a second life for grinding

---{ Story }---

☐ No Story

☐ Some lore

☑ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ It'll replace your life

---{ Game Time }---

☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee

☐ Short

☑ Average

☐ Long

☐ To infinity and beyond

---{ Price }---

☑ It's Free

☐ Worth the price

☐ If it's on sale

☐ If u have some spare money left

☐ Not recommended

☐ You could also just burn your money

---{ Bugs }---

☐ Never heard of

☑ Minor bugs

☐ Can get annoying

☐ ARK: Survival Evolved

☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

---{ ? / 10 }---

☐ 1

☐ 2

☐ 3

☐ 4

☐ 5

☐ 6

☐ 7

☑ 8

☐ 9

☐ 10

I really like the graphics of games like this which are like cartoons, apart from not being too heavy to play they are also pleasing to the eye.

For games whose status has not been 100% released, this game is already good, from the audio controls, the story can be enjoyed by all groups.

I hope this game release quickly so I can try it.



One word to describe this game: Family
(Read it in Vin Diesel Tone)

I found out about this game from one of my lecturers. I tried the early access/demo. The game is fun and all. Sort of reminds me of Castle Crasher. 

StellaGale: The Trials of Fate is a narrative driven beat-em-up, hack and slash game. It features a classic 2D side-scrolling mechanic with a surprisingly fast combat system and a bit of platforming flavour. My experience so far in trying out the early version of this game has been a positive one.

Well, everyone deserves a compliment sandwich once in a while. So, I'm going to write it down in the form of a game review.



> Story and Character:

Gameplay is too short for me to really get into the story and character but provides enough backstory to understand what goes on in game and what motivates the character. Stella's motive and narrative aren't new in game storytelling, it's not even that special considering there exist hundreds of story with similar character personality and objective already airing in many forms of media, but still for such a short game, how the graphic choice and character design really capture the world-building the developer might be aiming at, along with nice pacing help this simple but heartwarming story of siblings' lives embark with such a nice start, really make one curious about the rest of the story.

> Combat:

Combat System is fun and satisfying, even for a short prologue, the game lets me launch endless combo on enemy especially after unlocking special move. The Shoryuken Special attack, mid-air attack then heavy slash combo will always be my favorite moves against all kind of enemies (until maybe the full game comes out and there exist enemies immune to upward knockback). The platforming is simple but fun. Some parts of the gameplay are lacking in instruction, which can be confusing at the beginning, but is still bearable.

> Graphics:

The visuals are GORGEOUS, I feel in love the first time I saw it. Some parts of the animation were still stiff, like the gun reload animation. But everything else is beautifully done. Overall, a lot of love for the graphics, but still, I have a few complaints about it as well. (Just 2 complaints, we'll come to the later in the CONS.)

> Sound:

Soundtrack is good, not someone who really enjoys melancholic soundtrack, but it fits the theme, and so I have no complaints about it at all.

Now let's get to the


> Annoying trap placement:

I'm glad the traps aren't insta-kill, especially the pendulum. Some trap placements leave little room to maneuver,  the way the pendulum moves makes it hard to predict how it's going to swing back (my bad, I should git gut), and the pendulum placement for special moves tutorial in Prologue 2, combined with the lack of instruction on which move to use and the proper way to use it (I found that firing Shoryuken while running gives more knockback than hitting in place) may be hard for some people to notice. Worst of all, the pendulum becomes unreachable for the moves and eventually the tutorial becomes unendable if the enemy used for the tutorial is hit until it reaches the left edge of the arena.

> Buggy interface:

The mission box for Prologue 2 and 3 sometimes disappears before the mission is completed. For the current linear playthrough, this won't matter much, the game is short so there's no need to panic. But I hope it doesn't persist until the finished product, especially if it happens while we're roaming on a larger map like the city in Prologue 2. I accidentally pressed and opened up the unfinished map, so I think this game will have a wider, larger area to explore later on. Not good if the mission box disappears and you forgot what you're supposed to do.

> Buggy Artwork:

Some of the artwork is still buggy, for example in Prologue 2, I can't stop laughing at the way Stella's head is stuck to the wall of the staircase.

> Buggy Level:

I don't see the point of separating Prologue 1-3 and then adding the Full Prologue level, except for the fact that the Full Prologue adds an extra cutscene at the beginning of the game, whenever we finish a Prologue level, it always advances to the next one so I really can't see the reason here.  There's also this one bug in the Full Prologue level: If you win the first fight against Bloody belly, the whole game gets stuck at the dialog scene. Bloody belly won't say his dialog and the game will just get stuck there. There's also in the third prologue where lack of instruction on how to activate the trap lever (we just need to hit the level with attack moves), the game camera will get stuck on the lever, it wouldn't prevent the layer from moving further, but the camera will get stuck there until we hit the lever, and the platform will be too high to be reached even by double jumping (we can just hit the lever with special moves without  the need of reaching the platform).


Now down here I will put my NEUTRAL opinion because it just felt odd, but as a player if that gave me advantages then I will be META-ing my way in the game:

> I found that the reload animation for gun attack (shift) was very slow, I don't know if this was by game design, intentional or not, cause if this was by game design and the developer plan on adding some ability like increasing reload speed then I just found exploitable glitch where I can force speed up the reload by rolling (space) during the reload animation, The action reloaded y gun instantly.

> Dev forgot to remove Ultimate placeholder where it can kill any enemy in a single hit and kill bosses in 2 hits. It can be activated with only 2 MP. Maybe this is the dev tool for accelerating the game or testing enemy and boss phase.

> I think since enemies can (and will) gang up on you and the boss hits pretty hard (don't worry guys, this game has a checkpoint system), putting item window as the default window in the tactical view (RMB) can help speed up the combat. The default window for Tactical view after reaching Prologue 2 is the Special move window, but the first thing people will look for after a restless battle is the healing potion, putting item window as the default view will speed up that process, unless the developer is planning on adding quick slot for items and equipment.

> Back to Rolling (space) I found rolling to be an extremely powerful move. I don't think this was intentional, I can dodge almost any kind of attack (except some boss attacks), even groundbashing boss attacks and survive, even funnier, I can roll at the exact position where the attack will land and it gives me extra attack bonus for dodging instead of damage. This move makes something like guard (ctrl) terribly useless, mice unleash 20 damage on attack while on guard, it negates the attack to 18, against the boss (bloody belly) it does nothing at all, Stella takes the same amount of damage whether the guard is on or off. Is this intended to work until we get something like a better shield upgrade or skill?

> I hope you guys will add some indicators to distinguish between accessible and inaccessible areas during free roam in Prologue 2. I'm not talking about mission indicators or area blocker that prevent us from reaching other parts of the map. I'm talking about how the sprites are put together. As I said before, the graphics are beautiful. But the area design being crammed together with similar tones and brightness, is sometimes confusing for the eye.


Game is still pretty much in-development, I hope developer is able to develop better performance support and the promised end game replayability.

Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. Once again, the game is beautifully designed and has a very promising look and feel. I really hope the final product deliver an experience as satisfying as the demo.

Extra Note: The lecturer who showed me this game asked me to guess which song he composes for the game, according to my guess, the second song used in the city (Prologue 2 Soundtrack). 😂


- have exciting game play in every n level

- have good garfik

- because it has good graphics, this game is a bit heavier and has one bug in prollogue three when stella picks up flowers and when stella walks to the right


Wow, first of all, I really really like the graphic of this game! the artstyle is just *chef kiss*. I'm in love with it at the first sight. The side-scrolling gameplay also suit my game style preference which add another plus point for this game. I also love the character building and the storyline. Some of the scene are very wholesome, and it couldn't be any better with the relaxing BGM and smooth animation. 

I could say that the battle was really fun but the control was a bit confusing. Maybe i'm just not used to it, but for me it takes more effort in remembering the keyboard function than actually using it in the battle. (for example, I never use the dodge function since it located on ctrl) But I appreciate that the players got introduced about the button function before the battle and there's a special scene where we had to practice using the skill, I think it's nice to have that in a game which require us to use a lot of actions. 

Overall, I think this game deserve more attention! I had a blast playing this game. I hope that the developers will add checkpoint and save function for this game and fixed the bugs that already mentioned by other players.

P.S. : After a few times listening, my guess is JPSoundworks made the BGM for the battle scene hahaha 

This game is very interesting in terms of visuals and gameplay, the unique character design makes the playing experience more exciting, for the sound effects maybe you can add more during the battle to make it more interesting and I have trouble with the controls because usually to jump I press the Space button, but in this game uses the W button, so I'm not used to it, and the backsound I like sounds very relaxed and elegant, for others it's good 


- great character design 

- interesting worldbuilding 

-exciting gameplay 

- very exciting storyline 


- bug wall layer 

-difficult control 

- character movement while in the village is too fast

I’ve been playing this game for about 1 hour. However, I got stuck in prologue 2, because I didn't know what to do. The main character can't follow the NPC and break through the background game. But finally, I finished the entire prologue of this game.

To be honest, this game is really fun to play. The battle scenes are very exciting and also cool. The music is awesome and the sound effect is also appropriate and supports the fighting atmosphere. I guess the music on the battle scene was made by JP Soundworks (correct me if I’m wrong). 

Not only that, the art style is also quite good and interesting, especially the background in prologue 2 which is very awesome. However, there are still some things that need to be fixed in this game. For example, the main character can break through the background in prologue 2 and there is no clue to complete this prologue. There is also a “stroke” in the dialog box, which is quite disturbing to the appearance of this game. Combat control is less responsive, especially when avoiding attacks. Also, please add some features such as checkpoint system or save and load system.

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Play Experience

1. My Playing Experience playing this game, this game have unique artwork, i like this kind of artwork, Unique Character design and npc, the character movement is smooth and fun during battle! but i found some bugs such as board or wall layers which is in front of the player, so that the player is covered by wall layer,  i also have difficulty controlling it, because i usually play game like this to jump using the space key, and to rolling using shift key or right click on the mouse

2. Pros

-Unique Art Work

-Smooth Character movement

-Unique Gameplay


-Fun battle

-Cool Music effect and backsound

3. Cons

-Little Difficulty controlling

-Bug in the wall layer



From the beginning before playing I fell in love with Stella's character who is beautiful but looks tomboyish. Even when I play, I enjoy the side scrolling battles and I love to see the town design.

This game is good because it has a unique artstyle, which is like hand-drawn, the colors are striking, and the characters are cute, so it spoils the eye. Scene graphics are interesting because they are drawn like comics. Interesting npc details. The story quite interesting too.

But in terms of control, it's a bit difficult for me to adjust because the E and Q controls are close to the motion controls, making it difficult for me to control fights.

During playing stellagale I found several bugs, namely a bug in the graphics of the place near the beach which made the character cut off and there was one place that could not be passed without any reason. Then it always stuck during the tutorial with Gale in the white room so I stopped playing (there was no follow-up event at that time) and continued prologue 3. [1094]

I had a lot of fun playing this game! it's thrilling but also relaxing at some point. It has such an interesting story that makes me curious about what will happen next. I'm a huge fan for the art style, It's simple yet so colorful, iconic, and magnificent. I truly admire how much the developers throw attention to the details in visual aspects, such as the animation, background, and character designs. Last but not least, the BGM suited each stage's atmosphere very well.

However, I think there's a few things that can be improved. Like the overlapping picture on the second prologue, causing Stella's upper body part missing (kinda creepy ngl). Also, as a beginner I found a few difficulties with the control, there's too many buttons to press and it took me a while to get used to it. I hope that can be simplified (if it makes any sense). Adding a check point system also might help this game to be more efficient. 

Keep up the great work and good luck for the game developers!

p.s: I think Mr. Jasson make the BGM for the battle arena scene (prologue 1 & 3), I'm not quite sure though TvT

This game has very good story, even though it hasn't been fully released yet. For game art looks good. The BGM for each stage is fit.  For gameplay itself, i really like it. but the controls are sometimes confusing, or more like unfamiliar to use. For example, to jump normally use <space>, but for this game use <W> to jump. and to blocking attacks use <ctrl> instead of using right click on mouse. But overall good. 

Very interesting characters and story elements, in terms of graphics I like it because it is simple but has characteristics, in terms of sound it is good according to the game genre and can make the spirit to play it.

Unfortunately in prologue 1 it is difficult to fight the last enemy, in prologue 2 there is a slight bug in the graphics that make the head cut off, in prologue 3 there is a lag when you want to attack after dropping a stone on the enemy.  maybe in prologue 2 Mr. J makes the sound  


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First of all, when i saw this game, i already think that this game gonna be great. But there’s some bug while playing this game. 

Let's move to graphics, i really like the colors combination of the game, it match so well and not to bright,  the art style is awesome and pretty. Idk why the visual give me some adventure anime vibes. I also like the details on the background and the scenery. The BGM   kinda relaxing and chill, also the sfx sound great too. The animation is quite smooth. Last but not least, this game serve a good story.

And the confusing part, when i played at prologue 1 to fight the miniboss, i'm confused why there is no HP Stack like when fight the rats in the early game and couldn't defeat him, after read the story i was like "ouw it not suppose to win". The controls a little bit confusing, cause i'm not used to it :)). Some people already mention it that there some overlapping picture in some area, especially in prologue 2.

But this is such a nice, fun game to play and spend in your free time.


for me that game is very exciting and fun. i can't defeat the first boss because it is to hard and for the funny moment, I am very emotional and very dizzy to defeat the first boss because I must use many button likes "Space", "W", "A", "S", "D", "Shift" and "control"

the pros of that game is that graphic is very good and prologue of that game is very good too. that graphic are like in comics

the cons of that game is jump control must click "W" not "Space". maybe that jump control change "Space" because many people not used to using "W"

Thank you so much

let's be real, the HUGE downside jsut are the confusing controls.

so arrow keys to move, w to jumo (supposdedly, never tried it).
but wasd not to jump and move, no.
a for gun, s for block(which doesnt work against the one improtant thing, the fatty boss) and d for normal attack.
space to roll.

up arrow (Held? pressed? who knows)+3 times q supposed to do some railroaded ultimate which is seemeingly impossible to do.
first of, gotta stun boss or you dont have time to do it.

then you likely will spear trust through him, so 3 consecutive hits aint possible due to distance crossed with each thrust.

and even if you do 3 thrusts, game doesnt seem to care.
boss has no health bar anyways that one may deplete.
but the ultimate tutorial image is still there, so taks not done apparently.

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