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Tells the story of young Stella, from the viewpoint of Wright, the Journalist. Her parents are missing when she was a child, leaving her and her brother Gale stranded. One day, she got information about a competition that can grant anything the winner wishes. She's going to sign up and wishes to win to find her parents.

The game will have these features:


The game will be having a story told by our beloved Journalist, Mr. Wright! It's not implemented yet, but stay tuned!

Series of battles (more than 50+ battles and many kinds of enemies!)

You will play as Stella, who have to conquer the competition by winning a series of fights! Fight more than 50 enemies between 50 matches!

Skill Upgrade System

Player can choose which attribute to improve depending on which play style that they like to use!

Inventory System

Player can buy and choose which weapon to bring into battle! It is limited though, so choose carefully!


///////////////////////////////////Developer's notes///////////////////////////////////


This will be the dedicated sites for us developers to post updates!

Character Concept Art

Stella Final Design

Final design of our main heroine, Stella!

Character design of the main characters


Fight Concept Art


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Development log


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love the art but controls are confusing? can i fight with the keyboard or do i have to use the mouse?

hello! sorry for the late reply
yes, you can only use the mouse at the moment. but we're considering button configuration option. thank you!